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North Star Announces New Executive Committee

Subsequent to our announcement of Ty Mansfield’s appointment as North Star’s fourth president, North Star International is pleased to announce the members of its new Executive Committee. As previously noted, the existing Executive Committee was dissolved with the appointment of a new president by the North Star Board of Directors, and a new slate of Executive Committee members was nominated by the new President and approved by the Board of Directors.         Ty Mansfield PresidentA life-long member of>>READ MORE

Leading Same-Sex Attraction Ministry Organizations for Latter-day Saints To Unite Under North Star Umbrella

For Immediate Release Contact Jeff Bennion Salt Lake City, UT – January 1, 2014: The Board of Directors of North Star International and Evergreen International announced today that North Star International will absorb certain resources and assets of Evergreen International, and beginning January 1, 2014 those resources will operate under the name and direction of North Star International. Since its founding more than 20 years ago as a support organization for the members of>>READ MORE

North Star Announces Its Fourth President

For Immediate Release Contact Jeff Bennion North Star International is pleased to announce the appointment of its fourth president. Ty Mansfield, currently a Vice President of North Star and also one of its founders, was appointed unanimously by North Star’s Board of Directors as its newest president. The existing Executive Committee will be dissolved and a new slate of Executive Committee members will be nominated by the new President and approved by the Board>>READ MORE

Leadership Council Spotlight: Michael Packham

August 2013 Michael Packham, age 65, married to Ann for 2 years, retired band/orchestra teacher, horn player in Orchestra at Temple Square, avid genealogist, amateur watercolorist, crazy chef, fitness fiend, father to 8, grandfather to 33. I’ve been on the North Star Leadership Council for a year now, glad for the little tasks I’ve been given to do—moderating the Men’s and Married Men’s email groups, doing a little editing for some of the blogs, and giving input>>READ MORE

Audio for Summer Fireside is now available!

The North Star Summer Fireside was another great success. We love the opportunity we have to meet together as brothers and sisters and learn Gospel messages. We also are so grateful for the new friends we make and the community of friends that is growing every day! This fireside's speakers were Brother Nathan Gibbons who has worked for many years as a therapist, and Brother James Merrill who serves on North Star's Executive Committee. The messages>>READ MORE

Leadership Council Spotlight: Mandy Marquardt

June 2013 Mandi was born in Davis County, Utah. She grew up in the Church and gained a deep and personal testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, of the Book of Mormon, and of the Prophet Joseph Smith at the young age of 11. This foundational testimony of the gospel has become the core of her life. Mandi attended various colleges and universities in the State of Utah studying French and>>READ MORE

Leadership Council Spotlight: Yefrey Ramon Guerrero

May 2013 North Star is an all-volunteer organization so it wouldn't be what it is without the help of many many men and women. Many of those men and women join our Leadership Council, and in honor of all they do and our gratitude to have them as a part of our community we'd like to honor one of them each month in conjunction with our newsletter—particularly those who live away from the Mormon epicenter. This>>READ MORE

Announcing new book imprint, North Star Harbinger, and first publication, ‘Reborn that Way,’ by Laurie Campbell

In conjunction with the launch of our own book imprint, North Star Harbinger, North Star also proudly announces the publication of our first book under that imprint. Twenty years ago, Laurie Campbell, a member of North Star's Executive Committee and one of the inaugural participants in the Voices of Hope Project, used the pen name Erin Eldridge to write a book about her experiences with same-sex attraction and her LDS (Mormon) faith entitled Born That>>READ MORE

Press Release: New Website Shares Stories of Faithful Mormons Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kerry Harding 202.255.3082 Washington, D.C. — March 26, 2013 — North Star International today launched a new website featuring profiles and information about faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints affected by same-sex attraction. The website,, offers a look into the lives of Mormons who open up about their own experiences or the experiences of family members. The project is a dynamic extension of the book by noted>>READ MORE


New video addressing myths of the Church and homosexuality released

Reo Garn, a dear friend of many in the North Star community and one of the producers of the Voices of Hope Project, has has for years felt a deep empathy for the experiences of Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction and has recently produced a couple videos (see his first video) for the public addressing questions and concerns about the topic that are common within and about the LDS community. Check out the latest published just>>READ MORE

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