Blitz #1, The Bloggernacle: Gays, Mormons, and California Marriage

The last few weeks have been a firestorm of discussion around gays and marriage, particularly, since the California Supreme Court ruled that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and ordered that same-sex couples who wished to marry could do so within 30 days of the ruling. Discussion picked up even more, however, when the Church announced it’s support of a November ballot initiative to amend the California constitution.

The following are from among the barrage of blog discussions that have been going on in the Bloggernacle, or among others as they pertain to Latter-day Saints:

California Saints Got The Call
Messenger and Advocate – June 29, 2008

Blood on the Doorposts
Times and Seasons – June 29, 2008

Open Thread: Your experiences in church today w/ the LDS anti-gay marriage statement
Mormon Matters – June 29, 2008

Am I a Sheep or a Goat?
Sunstone – Jun 29, 2008

Envisioning a politically thoughtful church culture
By Common Consent – June 29, 2008

A letter from my sister?
Mormon Matters – June 28, 2008

Same Sex Marriage, Equality, and California Mormons: A Response to Jeffrey S. Nielsen
FAIR – June 27, 2008

California Mormons Won?t Be Cool with Acts of Protest at Their Chapels
Nine Moons – June 27, 2008

Traditional Marriage is Dead (and it?s a good thing too)
Feminist Mormon Housewives – June 26, 2008

Same-sex marriage and hypocrisy?
By Common Consent – June 25, 2008

California, Homosexuality and my Baptismal Interview
Feminist Mormon Housewives – June 25, 2008

Transgendered Traditions
Feminist Mormon Housewives – June 25, 2008

California Saints To Get The Call
Messenger and Advocate – June 25, 2008

This coming Sunday, June 29, in California?.
The Cultural Hall – June 25, 2008

Supporting the Church?s position on SSM (part 2)
Millennial Star – June 24, 2008

Latter-Day Saints want Current-Gay Ban
G-A-Y – June 24, 2008

LDS gay, the new LDS black?
Salt Lake Crawler – June 24, 2008

A Mormon Social Doctrine?
By Common Consent – June 23, 2008

Mormons Being Given Political Advice From the Pulpit
Box Turtle Bulletin – June 22, 2008

News Flash: LDS Church WILL Be Actively Opposing Gay Marriage in California This November
Mormon Matters – June 21, 2008

Happiness, Gay Marriage, and Eternal Marriage
Thinking in a Marrow Bone – June 20, 2008

Gender Roles Debunked!
Mormon Matters – June 14, 2008

When Moral Issues Become Political Issues
Mormon Matters – June 11, 2008

Things We Can Argue About Other than Gay People
By Common Consent – June 10, 2008

A Little Back Scratching at Church
By Common Consent – June 10, 2008

Gay = Happy
Feminist Mormon Housewives – June 10, 2008

Institutional obsolescence, and other tales of romance and intrigue from the history book
Times and Seasons – June 2, 2008

Gay and Mormon: Such Diversity!
By Common Consent – June 2, 2008

Gay Marriage and Households with Kids
Times and Seasons – May 28, 2008

Non-Sexual Masculine Affection Among Men
Mormon Matters – May 28, 2008

The Easy Way Out
By Common Consent – May 28, 2008

Relaunching the Marriage Brand
Mormon Mentality – May 23, 2008

Ambivalence in California
Mormon Mentality – May 21, 2008

Supporting the Church?s position on same-sex marriage
Millennial Star – May 16, 2008

Social Influence and Defining Marriage
The Cultural Hall – May 17, 2008

New Same-Sex Marriage Ruling; Same Old Polygamy Stereotypes
Mormon Matters – May 16, 2008

The lameness of “I don?t see how gay marriage threatens my marriage”
Nine Moons – May 16, 2008

California Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage: An Analysis
Messenger and Advocate – May 16, 2008

California Supreme Court: Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
Messenger and Advocate – May 15, 2008

By Common Consent – May 15, 2008

California Judges Order Gay Marriage
Times and Seasons – May 15, 2008

Gifts for a Gay Marriage
Feminist Mormon Housewives – May 15, 2008


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Ty Mansfield is a practicing marriage and family therapist and currently lives with his wife and son in Texas doing doctoral work in family therapy. He enjoys playing racquetball, participating in triathlons, eating Thai food, and thinks that the greatest technological advancement of the 21st century was the invention of the iPhone (he might even be a little obsessed with it). Ty is a co-author with Fred and Marilyn Matis of In Quiet Desperation and later compiled an anthology of devotional articles by gospel scholars and personal essays by individuals who experience same-sex attraction, title Voices of Hope. More recently, he and his wife, Danielle, wrote a cover story for the May/June 2012 issue of LDS Living magazine. Some of the topics currently on Ty's mind (and which will likely be the topic of his posts) include same-sex emotional intimacy and friendship, intersections of Eastern thought and sexuality, and the dynamics of marriage when one partner experiences same-sex attraction.
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