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Discussion of Church involvement in political measures regarding gay marriage in California, Arizona, and elsewhere has fed continued dialogue among Latter-day Saints both where political initiatives are taking place and abroad. The place and meaning of tolerance and viability of race-orientation have come up as additional themes of interest to Latter-day Saints. The following is a heavy sampling of some of the news media and bloggernacle discussions taking place:

(More complete lists can be views on the Blog Discussions, General News Stories, and Events & Coverage pages on the North Star website.)


LDS Contribute to Prop 8 Campaign
Dave’s Mormon Inquiry – September 24, 2008

Supporting Traditional Marriage/Proposition 8: Links and Resources
Mulling and Musing – September 23, 2008

Supporting traditional marriage
Millennial Star – September 22, 2008

Excommunication is just not worth it
Latter-day Commentary – September 22, 2008

Mormons and Arizona?s Prop 102
Box Turtle Bulletin – September 17, 2008

Mormons and California?s Prop 8
Box Turtle Bulletin – September 17, 2008

We are Family
Mormon Mentality – September 16, 2008

The Email Forward Has Convinced Me. Too Bad I Don?t Live In California.
Nine Moons – September 15, 2008

By Common Consent – September 7, 2008

More on California Proposition 8
Mormon Mysticism – September 6, 2008

California Saints Are Heeding The Call
Messenger and Advocate – September 6, 2008

Proposition 8 – The Fight is On!
Mormon Mysticism – September 3, 2008

Gay-marriage cheerleading?
Dave’s Mormon Inquiry – September 1, 2008

Mehwage?is wut bwings us togevah todeh!
Another Witness for Christ – August 26, 2008

Cyberspace a gay haven
Dave’s Mormon Inquiry – August 26, 2008

What?s a Newsroom for?
By Common Consent – August 26, 2008

Tolerance does not mean condone
Latter-day Commentary – August 17, 2008

The Race-Orientation Comparison
Times and Seasons – August 19, 2008

California Judges Require Religious Doctors to Artificially Conceive a Child for a Gay Woman
Times and Seasons – August 19, 2008

The Bridge from Theological to Political
Times and Seasons – August 20, 2008

Blood on the Doorposts
Times and Seasons – June 29, 2008


About Ty Ray

Ty Mansfield is a practicing marriage and family therapist and currently lives with his wife and son in Texas doing doctoral work in family therapy. He enjoys playing racquetball, participating in triathlons, eating Thai food, and thinks that the greatest technological advancement of the 21st century was the invention of the iPhone (he might even be a little obsessed with it). Ty is a co-author with Fred and Marilyn Matis of In Quiet Desperation and later compiled an anthology of devotional articles by gospel scholars and personal essays by individuals who experience same-sex attraction, title Voices of Hope. More recently, he and his wife, Danielle, wrote a cover story for the May/June 2012 issue of LDS Living magazine. Some of the topics currently on Ty's mind (and which will likely be the topic of his posts) include same-sex emotional intimacy and friendship, intersections of Eastern thought and sexuality, and the dynamics of marriage when one partner experiences same-sex attraction.
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