From the Bloggernacle (5-10-09)

The following are recent homosexuality-related blog discussions on other popular LDS-themed blogs (see the North Star website for a more comprehensive list of blog discussions):

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Mormon Mentality – May 7, 2009

Marie Osmond Supports Gay Marriage
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Rachel’s Latter-day Saint Blog – April 24, 2009

Why we can?t talk about gender, cont.
By Common Consent – April 23, 2009

Heroic Faith: Gay Mormons
All About Mormons – April 5, 2009


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  1. avatar GFB says:

    I think this idea of the tipping point very interesting. I personally think it happened with civil rights, and now will happen with gay marriage. I think this idea has very specific implications for we on the religious right.

    Right now we have a unique opportunity. Every state that has legalized gay marriage including CA have included very strong protections for religious organizations. They have all in essences have protected churches and completely aloud them to discriminate based on sexual orientation, in regards to marriage and even in some ways church participation (at least participation based upon same sex behavior).

    Please do not take my use of the word discrimination wrong here. Discrimination happens legally in America all the time. Employers can discriminate on the bases of performance and qualification all they want, and this is a good thing. By the same token one of the bases the LDS church and others discriminate is they choose to only perform marriages between those that are of opposite sex. At one time they discriminated on the bases of race only performing marriage between people of the same race. This criterion is not longer legal or desired by our church.

    When it comes to the place that we are at with gay marriage, like I said before all the states that have legalized same sex marriage so far have included strong protections for churches, and currently the left is very willing to include those in any law including those on a national level.

    My fear is that we on the religious right continue to just fight while the enviable happens, this typing point continues to loom closer. By the time the typing point happens and the left needs no help to push it over the top then who will be willing to make it legal for churches to discriminate on the bases of sexual orientation or even sexual behavior? I think we have the ability to protect ourselves from this storm the National Organization for Marriage is warning us, but in essence our stubbornness is bringing the storm upon ourselves.

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