single = alone?

Recently I read this from someone who has chosen to part ways with the church in pursuit of same-sex relationships:

“My heart feels strongly that God loves me regardless of who I’m attracted to. I don’t believe he expects or even wants me to be alone. Wasn’t it God who said it was not good that man be alone?”

And while I have thoughts on his entire blog post,  what I wanted to write about today was that thought above.  What I get from what he’s saying – and I think this applies to most who use that scripture (Genesis 2:18) – is that “alone” means “single”.  God doesn’t want people to be single.

I wonder, though, if that’s what God meant.  The scripture can certainly easily be interpreted that way, especially since in the last half of the verse God proceeds to make Eve.  But I wonder if perhaps “alone” actually means “alone” i.e. by himself, without anyone else, solitarily.  It is not good that man should be alone.  And so, God provided the easiest, and perhaps most effective means whereby man – and mankind – would not have to be alone.  All mankind – regardless of marital status – would henceforth not be left alone in this life.

I wonder if God simply didn’t want us to go through life without each other.

Is marriage awesome?  Absolutely.  Does God want us to marry?  Yup.  Is that going to happen for everyone?  Nope.  Does God still love us?  You bet.  And that’s why he gave us a family, and friends, and each other.  So even if we’re on our own, we’re not alone.  (Thank you Michael McLean).  The scripture doesn’t say, “…it is not good that the man should be single.”  It says “alone”.

I am single.  But I am not alone.


About Greg Barnett

Originally from the great state of Utah, Greg is currently living out his dreams in Los Angeles as an actual working actor. He is single, old enough to be set in his ways, and is unofficially officially "on the market." He has a deep and abiding testimony of Christ, and lives life with a healthy dose of optimism. Greg has been dealing with homosexual attractions for more than half of his life, and in his personal experience finds it to be more of a battle of self-control than of reconciliation. Regardless of what the future might hold, he plans to face it with a smile, a song, and a pan of brownies. Feel free to join him for Sunday-night Disney movies and dessert, or to contact him for a daily dose of "Get a grip, your life isn't so bad!" He writes about his adventures as an actor on the outskirts of big-time Hollywood (among other things) on his site: Greg D Barnett.
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3 Responses to single = alone?

  1. avatar Megan says:

    Love it, Greg! Well said.

    • avatar sergio Andres La Plata says:

      bien dicho gracias por ponerlo en el blog siempre nos sentimos que estamos solos pero tenemos amigos que pasan por lo mismo que nosotross y que son miembros de la iglesia . así podemos motivarnos a seguir adelante juntos como hermanos siendo fiel a la iglesia c: .

  2. avatar Sierra says:

    This was beautiful.

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