Couples’ Summit 2013

Come join other couples, improve your marriage, and connect with other members of North Star and make lasting memories. We provide an environment of open discussion to help improve our marriages and ourselves while having fun!

WHEN: Friday & Saturday, August 2-3

WHERE: Provo, Utah

Who is invited?

ANY married or engaged couple desiring to improve their marriage is welcome to participate! The great thing about the Couples’ Summit is it provides a place for a couple to do their work TOGETHER! Furthermore, while the topic of same sex attraction is welcome, and does come up, it is certainly not the focus of the event, your marriage is! The monetary and time commitments are minor in comparison to what you will leave with.

Please note all of the same rules you agreed to when joining North Star will apply and everyone will be required to sign confidentiality agreements.

What can we expect?

The goal of the Summit is to provide a place for couples to work on communication skills, trust, and healthy emotional connection. This is our fifth year anniversary, and to celebrate, we are extending the Summit to also include a dinner in Friday night. Don’t assume this will be just your average dinner! While there will be time to enjoy the company of your table, there will also be some great tools discussed and demonstrated. You and your spouse will have many opportunities to use these tools that have the potential to become frequent favorites in your communication.

Saturday is a full day of ropes course work, where trained professionals help ensure safety of all participants. Their is no couple too old or too young to participate, and all couples, regardless of shape or size are welcome! We also have skilled team leads, from our community, who lead informative, productive discussions following each activity.

How long will it be?

  • Friday evening, August 2
  • All-day Saturday, August 3

How much does it cost?

  • Standard price: $165.00 per couple

You can also register for any one of these two days’ activities:

  • Friday night ONLY: $75.00 per couple
  • Saturday ONLY: $100.00 per couple

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