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2013 North Star Leadership Retreat

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah


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About this Event

The North Star Leadership Retreat is an annual getaway in which North Star’s Executive Committee and Leadership Council get together to vision and plan for the upcoming year(s). Together, we discuss North Star’s goals, and come up with projects and events meant to enrich the lives of North Star participants during subsequent months.

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Report from the 2012 Leadership Retreat

North Star International was pleased to hold its annual Leadership Retreat on September 1st in Murray, Utah. We were excited to welcome new members, while also reconnecting with members from previous years. This retreat is held annually in an effort to collectively brainstorm for upcoming North Star events and projects.

Beginning with our 2011 leadership retreat, we started a tradition of inviting a noted individual for some kind of leadership training. Last year, David and Wendy Ulrich authors of The Why of Work: How Great Leaders Build Abundant Organizations That Win, did a wonderful training on leadership and organization.

This year, Camille Fronk Olson, chair of the Department of Ancient Scripture at BYU,  blessed us with a warm discussion regarding what Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Thological Seminary, termed “convicted civility” (Ty Mansfield coined the revision “compassionate conviction”) in engagement with those of other backgrounds, faiths, beliefs, and opinions.

Drawing on her 10-year involvement in an ongoing and intimate discussion between a handful of evangelical Christian scholars and LDS scholars, she shared some especial insights into how meaningful and constructive conversations can take place, and friendships develop, between individuals and groups who have differences of belief or lifestyle choice.

As part of her discussion, she handed out some guiding principles developed by Robert Millet (former dean of Religious Education at BYU) and his good friend Greg Johnson (an evangelical scholar who heads Standing Together Ministries). Millet and Johnson have participated in several public dialogues that are intended to serve as constructive model.

Following the introductory training and subsequent discussion of possible applications to dialogue around homosexuality, there was much to discuss about North Star’s ongoing efforts at ministry and outreach. A few of the topics of discussion were:

  1. The Voices of Hope Project. Inspired by Ty Mansfield’s latest book and spearheaded by a church member from Washington DC, this will be a highlight of North Star International for years to come. Learn more at
  2. North Star events.We discussed the current status and future possibilities of North Star’s growing offeriences, including:

  3. Fundraising strategies. Although North Star International is a non-profit organization, there are still various expenses to be covered. Funds generated from fundraising are spent on our exciting future events and projects.

North Star’s 2012 Annual Leadership Retreat was a huge success and we want to extend our gratitude to all who were involved. Thank you for your energy, ideas, and testimonies!


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