Facebook Group

See also our Grupo del Facebook en Español

In an effort to bring our community together, even more, we have our own completely private and confidental Facebook group.

What is a private Facebook group?

This means that unless you’re a member of this group, you cannot see any posts, who is or isn’t a part of this group, or see that the group itself even exists. Joining this group, or posts that are made in the group do not appear on your news feed to anyone who is not already a member. We recognize how important your privacy and confidentiality are as you begin to address these issues and as you make connections with others in the North Star community.

It’s also important to note that while we have a variety of email discussion groups for different demographics within our community, there is only one Facebook group for the entire North Star community. Men, women, spouses, family members and friends are all in the same group together. We may add other groups in time as need/demand dictates, but this is our only group for now. Thus, we ask that everyone in the group be mindful to keep conversation threads appropriate to our broader community interests and focus more demographic-appropriate conversations in the respective email discussion groups.

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