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North Star Parents & Family Facebook Group

North Star Parents and Family is a completely private (secret) Facebook group for those who are parents, siblings, and other family members of men and women who experience same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria (i.e., transgender)—regardless of the life choices and direction of our loved ones.

The purpose of this group is to provide an open and supportive forum for parents, siblings, and family to encourage, strengthen, and educate one another, and to learn how to best encourage, strengthen, build up, and support our loved ones who are homosexually oriented.

By joining the North Star Parents & Family Facebook group, you are certifying that:

  • you are personally dealing with issues related to a family member dealing with homosexuality or gender dysphoria (i.e., transgender) and the effects it has on you and/or your family or congregation
  • your sole intention is to give support, or to increase your understanding in order to better offer support to others.

Anyone who joins under false pretenses will be removed.


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