2015 Christmas Fireside

This event is a musical fireside that is filled with performances from members of the North Star community. The theme of the fireside is, "Come, Lord Jesus," and the purpose is to lift, inspire, and draw everyone closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. This Christmas season, North Star hopes to provide an opportunity for individuals to gather together and reflect on the message of Christ's birth and the role He plays in each of our lives. We encourage you to invite family members, friends, church leaders and others to attend this special musical fireside.

Fireside Theme

“Come, Lord Jesus”

Live Stream

We are pleased to announce that this is one of the first firesides that will be streamed live for those who can not attend in person. In a few select areas throughout the United States, members of the North Star community will be gathering together to watch the live stream together. Feel free to contact that area representative for more information about the live stream event in that area. If you are unable to participate in the following locations, please return to this page for more information about the live stream as it becomes available.

  • Los Angeles, California: Greg Barnett (gregorybarnett@gmail.com)
  • Dallas, Texas: Cristian Mattoon (Carmattoon@hotmail.com)
  • Mesa, Arizona: Kent Flake (kentflake@gmail.com)
  • Boston, Massachusetts: Vaughn Larsen (vcurtis1@yahoo.com)


As always, socializing and refreshments will take place after the fireside. We invite EVERYONE to bring their favorite Christmas treat or winter dessert to share with others in attendance. Please contact Charlotte Maughan (mommachar1@gmail.com) if you are interested in bringing a dessert.

For more information please contact any of the fireside co-chairs.

  • Sarah Langford: sarah.joye.kellar@gmail.com
  • Brandon Langford: brandon.langford89@gmail.com
  • Charlotte Maughan: mommachar1@gmail.com

Fireside Archive

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