2014 Summer Fireside

Scott & Becky Mackintosh share messages of love and hope at the Summer Fireside.

Scott & Becky Mackintosh

Scott & Becky Mackintosh


Scott and Becky Mackintosh recently celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary and daily celebrate the success of raising seven children without going bald. They have served in many stake and ward leadership positions, including bishopric and Stake YW’s president. They love the gospel and can’t imagine life without it. In 2012, their return missionary son at age 24, bravely shared his secret that he was gay. Scott was floored, Becky not so much. Today they are grateful for the lessons learned along their journey of discovering what being a true disciple of Christ is and the importance of loving their children unconditionally no matter their choices.

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams

MUSICAL NUMBER — “When All Is Said and Done”
Accompanied by Emily Taylor (piano) and Philip Keeve (cello)

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