The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball

The following selections come from The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball (Bookcraft, 1982; Deseret Book softcover reprint, 2002). The quoted selections come from the sections “Chastity and Dating” (pp 267, 271, 274-278, 282) and “Spreading the Gospel” (pp 583).

The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball

Homosexual conduct is serious sin. The unholy transgression of homosexuality is either rapidly growing or tolerance is giving it wider publicity. If one has such desires and tendencies, he overcomes them the same as if he had the urge toward petting or fornication or adultery. The Lord condemns and forbids this practice with a vigor equal to his condemnation of adultery and other such sex acts. And the Church will excommunicate as readily any unrepentant addict.

Again, contrary to the belief and statement of many people, this sin, like fornication, is overcomeable and forgivable, but again, only upon a deep and abiding repentance, which means total abandonment and complete transformation of thought and act. The fact that some governments and some churches and numerous corrupted individuals have tried to reduce such behavior from criminal offense to personal privilege does not change the nature nor the seriousness of the practice. Good men, wise men, God-fearing men everywhere still denounce the practice as being unworthy of sons of God; and Christ’s church denounces it and condemns it so long as men have bodies which can be defiled. (80-53)

Homosexuality is an ugly sin. There is today a strong clamor to make such practices legal by passing legislation. Some would also legislate to legalize prostitution. They have legalized abortion, seeking to remove from this heinous crime the stigma of sin.

We do not hesitate to tell the world that the cure for these evils is not in surrender. (77-34)

Homosexual relationships are dead-end. What would this man do for you, or these men, should you suddenly fall victim to a dread disease, an incurable disease? Suppose your body shriveled; suppose you could no longer satisfy or get satisfaction sexually; suppose you could no longer be “used.” How long would the alleged friendship or friendly ties last? (12/20/65)

The homosexual life tends to be a furtive, shifty, concealed life. This abnormal involvement with a person of one’s own sex can be only barren and desolate, having for its purpose only temporary physical satisfaction. There is no future in it but only a stirring moment and a dead past. There can be no posterity, no family life, no permanent association, and, of course, nothing that can give eternal joy. It is lonely because it is wrong and because it is selfish. The Lord has given us a program of family life and has planned that the young man and the young woman will be attracted to each other, carry forward a courtship which is clean and free from carnal thoughts and acts, and result in a sweet marriage and where that God-given sex can be used with proper intents and safeguards to draw two people permanently close together as they bring their family into the world and create a heavenly unit on earth of parents and children wherein selflessness can be the rule and tremendous development and faith and accomplishment can be a reality. (5/4/70)

Homosexual practices are enslaving. These practices are somewhat like the use of drugs, alcoholism, or other vicious habits which eventually take over control of the person and make him slave and put fetters on his wrists and rings in his nose and chains on his feet. No man is free when manacled with such fetters. These sins are forgivable and can be overcome if there is adequate restraint and repentance. There are those who tell you there is no cure and thus weaken your resolves and add to your frustration. They can be cured. They can be eventually forgiven. Your problem can be solved.

* * * * * * *

Homosexual tendencies can be controlled. “God made me that way,” some say, as they rationalize and excuse themselves for their perversions. “I can’t help it,” they add. This is blasphemy. Is man not made in the image of God, and does he think God to be “that way”? Man is responsible for his own sins. It is possible that he may rationalize and excuse himself until the groove is so deep he cannot get out without great difficulty, but this he can do. Temptations come to all people. The difference between the reprobate and the worthy person is generally that one yielded and the other resisted. It is true that one’s background may make the decision and accomplishment easier or more difficult, but if one is mentally alert, he can still control his future. That is the gospel message—personal responsibility. (80-53)

Certainly it can be overcome, for there are numerous happy people who were once involved in its clutches and who have since completely transformed their lives. Therefore to those who say that this practice or any other evil is incurable, I respond: “How can you say the door cannot be opened until your knuckles are bloody, till your head is bruised, till your muscles are sore? It can be done.” (MF 82)

A homosexual can change himself. I firmly believe that no one can cure a deeply entrenched pervert except himself. The Lord will help, his servants will help, and kind friends will help, but the major effort must come from the individual who has the weakness.

* * * * * * *

Your faith can be increased, your testimony developed, and your power to overcome greatly increased by the reading of the scriptures. Organize a program and set apart a time every day to read the scriptures along with your prayers. (5/4/70)

The continued contact seems to be helpful. To have the man return to report success in his efforts or even partial failure is helpful, and to these continuing visits credit may be given for recoveries. Many find that since they will be making reports, an additional strength comes from that realization and they control themselves and their thoughts a day at a time, a week at a time, and soon the months have passed and thoughts are controlled and actions are above reproach. (64-05)

* * * * * * *

Transsexual operations are travesty. Then we’re appalled to find an ever-increasing number of women who want to be sexually men and many young men who wish to be sexually women. What a travesty! I tell you that, as surely as they live, such people will regret having made overtures toward the changing of their sex. Do they know better than God what is right and best for them? (74-27)

Some people are ignorant or vicious and apparently attempting to destroy the concept of masculinity and femininity. More and more girls dress, groom, and act like men. More and more men dress, groom, and act like women. The high purposes of life are damaged and destroyed by the growing unisex theory. God made man in his own image, male and female made he them. With relatively few accidents of nature, we are born male or female. The Lord knew best. Certainly, men and women who would change their sex status will answer to their Maker. (74-30)

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