Get Involved

Many people who visit North Star find themselves wondering “what can I do to help others?” If this is a question you have, thank you for wanting to contribute to the lives of other people.

Your desires to serve are appreciated and we can use your help! North Star is a peer-led community-driven organization, so the more people contributing their talents and time, the better North Star will be.

There are four basic ways to help:



The easiest way to get in on the action is to become part of the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is a diverse group (men, women, parents, spouses, family members, friends, priesthood and auxiliary leaders) that actively works to make North Star great. Being a member of the Leadership Council, you will be a part of the email list-serve bringing you information about the goals and objectives being accomplished by North Star, and the ways in which you can help.

You will also be invited to join in on North Star’s annual leadership retreat where you will get to add your voice to the dialogue surrounding how North Star can best achieve its goals. If you are interested in joining, read more here.



If you have a story to tell, or a perspective to offer, we are interested in hearing from you! While information alone is a very important tool in creating a resource for those dealing with issues surrounding homosexuality, it is through the stories of real people living real lives that we can truly see how principles of the Gospel of Christ fully intersect with homosexual issues. We want to know how this issue has affected your life, and how you live the Gospel every day.

Your story is unique (whether you are somebody who deals with homosexual issues, or supporting someone who does) and, when you are ready, it is worth sharing. If you feel that now is the time to share your experience or perspective you can do so by writing an Our Stories or Community Voices feature piece, or by submitting a guest blog post.



Because North Star is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, the need for financial support from outside donors is great. Donating is a wonderful way to contribute to this cause if you simply don’t have the time or ability to assist in other ways. Even if you do contribute in other ways, donating is a powerful service that can be used to benefit many, and each dollar goes toward education, outreach, and helping individuals of low income be able to participate in classes and retreats in order to get the help they need.



The final way to get involved is to interact with the community, sharing support and insights in whatever ways you feel comfortable. You can do this by getting involved in our message boards, our very active email discussion groups, our private Facebook group page, or by commenting on or writing a post for the Northern Lights blog.

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