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An important part of North Star’s mission is to provide a forum which gives voice to the perspectives, experiences, and testimonies of individual Latter-day Saints — real stories of real people — who are striving to live the gospel in accordance with the doctrines and precepts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

If you have insights about a particular gospel theme or some other topic as it relates to homosexuality and would like to explore it in an essay, please see the descriptions below. If, as an alternative, you would like to share your personal story, check out the Voices of Hope Project.

We invite and encourage those who are comfortable using their real names to do so. We understand each person has a unique experience and may or may not feel comfortable being publicly open about this issue and fully respect whatever level of anonymity is requested by those submitting articles and essays. Please keep this in mind when submitting material which often include many personal details about the author. We will contact you before publishing your submission to confirm what level of anonymity you prefer. We hope you will feel safe and welcome submitting material.


Community Voices Submission Guidelines

Community Voices essays give individuals in the North Star community an opportunity to share a particular perspective on a given topic or theme. Examples of Community Voices essays include “Diversities of Gifts,” by Adam Allred, or “My Letter to Those Struggling with Doubt,” by Charles Mitchell, or “Obedience—Holding to the Iron Rod,” by Wade Walker.

We are interested in submissions from a variety of perspectives and on a variety of topics, all as they relate to experiencing resolution between sexuality and spirituality as a faithful member of the Church, including:

  • Gospel doctrines or teachings of Church leaders
  • Experiencing personal or spiritual change brought by applying the atonement in your life
  • Experiencing joy and relational fulfillment as a single member of the Church
  • Navigating the blessings and challenges of marriage
  • How to open up to family and friends
  • How to create a system of support

Submissions can range from 1500 words to 6000 words in length. Please submit articles (preferably in Word format) to The Subject line of your email should read, “Submissions: Community Voices”.

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