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“I say unto you, be one; and if ye are not one ye are not mine.” D&C 38:27

The purpose of the North Star Gender Identity Support Community is to provide a place of community and support specifically rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ for individuals who experience gender variance or gender identity incongruence, as well as their family members and friends.

There is a difference between a social community and a support community. This North Star group’s primary purpose is to provide a place of support. Since this group is composed of a large variety of individuals with very different life paths and different views of how to live with gender variance or gender identity incongruence, a large variety of different opinions and viewpoints are represented. In order to create a community where everyone is safe it is necessary to foster dialogue that encourages universal support.

In an effort to foster universal support, posts should always reflect this ideal. Types of posts that reflect this idea of fostering support, are posts that:

  1. Express thankfulness;
  2. Ask for help; and/or
  3. Ask a question.

Always remember that first and foremost this group is gospel oriented, every post should be centered in or foster support for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All posts will be carefully moderated and any posts that are not fostering an environment of support or not focused on the gospel will be removed.

North Star has no official position detailing how individuals should live with gender variance or gender identity incongruence. In harmony with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s counsel that if you are “confused with gender identity… Whatever other steps you may need to take to resolve these concerns, come first to the gospel of Jesus Christ” (“Broken Things to Mend,” Ensign, May 2006), we would encourage individuals to prayerfully and patiently seek for individual answers. We each have been given agency and every individual is free to make their own choices. Each choice carries its own set of difficulties and consequences. The purpose of this community is to help individuals come closer to Christ no matter where they are at in their own personal journey. Remember, official Church doctrine and policy regarding how to live with gender variance or gender identity incongruence is largely undefined, and group members should be extremely careful to not make generalized declarations regarding Church doctrines or policies that have not been expressly taught by Church leaders.


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