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Will participating in masculine activities help me?

Encouraging participation in masculine activities has been a technique that counselors have used to help gay men for a long time. The scientific evidence is unclear whether or not it helps. Many people swear by it. Other people have felt damaged by it. If some activity brings up feelings of shame or inadequacy, then it probably isn’t very helpful. If the activity boasts your self-confidence and helps you build a camaraderie with other men, then it might be helpful. The decision is up to you, but never feel like if you don’t participate in sports or other stereotypically masculine activities that you have no hope for change. There are plenty of men who don’t like sports who also don’t experience same-gender attraction.

The ultimate example of the important aspects of masculinity is the Savior. As you emulate the life and characteristics of Jesus Christ, you will have succeeded in becoming truly masculine in the most important ways.

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