Voices Podcast

Each episode of the Voices podcast may feature the story of someone in the community, or even a panel discussion surrounding a specific target or issue facing those who experience same-sex attraction. Soon, you’ll also be able to subscribe to the Voices podcast via iTunes.

The following podcast episodes are listed in reverse-chronological order, with the most recently released episodes listed first.


Current Episode

Episode 5: North Star Spouses & the Women of Worth Conference

Ty Mansfield interviews Tanya Bennion and Megan Dahlgren, two of the original oranizers of the conference, as well as Tera Brown, a 2011 participant who has come back the last two years to help organize succeeding conferences. They discuss the past, present, and future of the Women of Worth Conference and what women get of the experience.

Previous Episodes

Episode 4: Behind the Voices

There is a unique spirit and energy present at the Voices of Hope video shoots, and the recent filming sessions held on the weekend of November 16-18 were no exception. Several of the participants of this project share their experience encountering this special atmosphere, as well as what they’ve done to prepare for their interview, and some of the emotions they felt as they told their stories.

Episode 3: Reflections on Wagons Circled

This edition of the Voices Podcast features Ty Mansfield moderating a panel discussion of participants and attendees of the recent Circling the Wagons conference in Salt Lake City. After a brief introduction to the history and purpose of Circling the Wagons, the panel discusses the events leading up to the conference and the controversy surrounding North Star’s participation. They also touch on how their stories and addresses were received and the warm response extended to North Star’s representatives by the organizers and attendees of CTW.

Episode 2: Laurie Campbell, author of ‘Born That Way?’

This episode of the Voices podcast is an interview with Laurie Campbell, the most recent addition to the North Star Executive Committee. Using the pen name Erin Eldridge, Laurie wrote a book about her experiences with same-sex attraction entitled Born That Way? (Deseret Book, 1994). Laurie shares her journey of once living a lesbian lifestyle and her journey to peace and resolution in the gospel. Now, 20 years into her marriage and following the publication of her first book, join us for this engaging interview with Laurie, who has walked different paths in dealing with same-sex attraction and why she made the choices that she has.

Episode 1: Meet the Executive Committee

In the inaugural episode of the Voices Podcast, the Executive Committee comes together, discusses their background, and explain why they have chosen to be a part of this organization. They also provide a primer to the North Star website and all that this community has to offer.


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