Resources for Men and Women in Same-Sex Relationships


Official teaching of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on sexuality includes the position that sexual expression should be reserved for marriage between a man and a woman. Individuals who feel unable to marry a member of the opposite sex because of insufficient attraction toward a prospective spouse are counseled to remain celibate. Sexual relations between two individuals of the same-sex is regarded by the Church as a violation of the law of chastity, and may result in disciplinary action that could lead to loss of Church membership. We at North Star unreservedly sustain that teaching.

That said, wherever one happens to be in his or her spiritual journey, Church leaders have stated that "No one is, or ever could be, excluded from the circle of God's love or the extended arms of His Church, for we are all His beloved sons and daughters" (God Loveth His Children, p. 13). Most of the counsels and teachings of the Church apply to all individuals regardless of Church membership status or relationship status:

"An understanding of eternal truths is a powerful motivation for righteous behavior. You are best served by concentrating on the things you can presently understand and control, not wasting energy or enlarging frustration by worrying about that which God has not yet fully revealed. Focus on living the simple truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ” (God Loveth His Children, p. 7).

Regardless of Church membership or relationship status, our lives can be blessed by personal prayer and scripture study, living the Word of Wisdom, and Church attendance. We can seek to grow in our knowledge and understanding of Gospel principles. We can bless the lives of others by seeking opportunities for service, and by showing kindness to all people in all situations. We can seek to cultivate the Christ-like virtues of patience, sacrifice, self-restraint, gentleness, faith, hope and love. Men and women who may be in a same-sex relationship can practice principles of fidelity and commitment in relation to their partner that apply in the Church to individuals in heterosexual marriages.

If you are in such circumstances, we hope you'll join us in our efforts to deepen our relationship with the Savior and his Church and pattern our lives after Jesus Christ.

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