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About Heather

It’s impossible to count how often Heather has been called “a ball of energy.” A happy extrovert, she’s eager to talk about ANYTHING—it seems nothing makes her uncomfortable. Her interests in psychology and gender and her sincere desire to say less stupid things on the subjects of same-sex attraction and GI led her to NorthStar, where she loves learning how to be an advocate for people who don’t fit the “mold.” After all, Heather has never fit the mold, either (at least that’s what her mom says). But who wants to be moldy, anyway? As a “washed-up jock,” defining her identity post-sports and, especially, as a mom has been a struggle for Heather, but God is helping her figure it out and things are looking up. Heather LOVES people. And food. (She is STILL striving to produce a decent batch of chocolate chip cookies—what is going wrong?!—and she is always open to trying your recipe).


  1. I LOVE you! and love your energy and enthusiasm. You are inspiring to me and your sweet spirit. Thank you for being a “voice” in our church today 🙂

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