Messages from the Directors

The Law of the Harvest: Planting Seeds of Faith

Bennett Borden, North Star President September is the first month when we begin transitioning from summer into fall, and this time of year often calls to mind the seasons and cycles of life.  When God organized this wonderful Earth and placed it in its...

Why Me?

My same sex attraction and the Lord’s desire for me to be sealed to someone of the opposite sex for time and all eternity used to seem so dichotomous. Now, in retrospect, I see how those attractions have contributed so significantly to my spiritual growth and to my eternal marriage to a companion whom I dearly love. I cherish our relationship above all others, in addition to that of the Savior.

Six Universal Wounds

As Marshall Rosenberg says, “Criticism, complaints, judgments and attacks are all just tragic expressions of difficult feelings and unmet needs.” I believe we have six universal wounds from which we develop these feelings and needs.

North Star is Extending its Reach

When people familiar with our organization are asked, “What is North Star?”, they will often respond first by saying we’re an online support organization for people affected (personally or otherwise) by same-sex attraction or transgender issues. We, of course, are much more than that.

Owning Our Stories, Living Authentically and Standing as Witnesses

I personally believe that we can’t stand as authentic witnesses unless we’re willing to own our stories, transcending shame and pride, and be willing to access the courage that will be required to be as vulnerable as such a step will surely be for many.

Creating the Voices of Hope Project: A Personal Reflection

As the director of this project, I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication, passion, and consecration of their time and talents to ensure the project exceeded our original expectations in every way. I have never loved a group of people more than I have grown to love you from this experience.

Surrendering All in Order to Know the Lord

I pray that as we continue to purge our lives of sin and seek to follow our Savior, the Spirit will make us aware of sins that we yet need to shed. I pray that we will always willingly lay them on the alter, and walk away toward a more fulfilling and happy life as true disciples of Jesus Christ.

“Never give up!”

Our Heavenly Father does not want us to be alone. That’s why He sent each of us into a family so that we can grow and learn to develop relationships with family and friends along the way to strengthen and walk with us.

The Power of Choice

I wish to focus on those things we do have power over, specifically three things that I have noticed are decisive influences on our happiness: how we see the world, our behavior, and our faith.

It Is Better to Receive Than to Give

Receiving has been given a very bad reputation. It connotes gluttony or selfishness. But if I reference that scripture in Acts, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” my thought process responds, “It is not possible to truly give unless there is one who will receive,” which leads me further to think of the many times Christ has instructed us to receive… receive his words… receive his healing… receive Him…

Clarifying North Star’s Position on Changing Orientation

North Star serves those who desire the spiritual and social support that strengthens faith, builds character, and empowers men and women to live in joy and harmony within their covenants, values, and beliefs as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.