Messages from the Directors

Awake And Arise: A Call To Action

Finding peace, happiness and fulfillment as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction or identify as LGBT can be a difficult and complex process. How do we SSA/LGBT saints fit into the Gospel plan? Why are we the way...

Clarifying North Star’s Position on Changing Orientation

North Star serves those who desire the spiritual and social support that strengthens faith, builds character, and empowers men and women to live in joy and harmony within their covenants, values, and beliefs as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Gazing at North Star

I just joined North Star a few months ago, and I’m so grateful to be onboard. Since I have a fresh perspective, I thought I’d make a few observations about the organization and why I think so highly of it. First and foremost, I’ve been impressed with how strongly I have felt the Spirit when I’m actively involved with North Star. There is a feeling of love and acceptance, a sense of belonging, and a realization that where two or more are gathered for the Lord’s sake, there the Lord shall be. I have gained a firm testimony that God is involved in this work and anxious for it to press forward…

Creating Community Through the Love Language of Giraffe

Listening with all four aspects of love takes practice. The reward is a more unified community. In communing with God, we find that we love Him because He first loved us. Love is a commandment. May we, as a community, reach out to each other in compassion. May we strive not to hide behind our inner Jackal and speak the love languages of the Noble Giraffe within each of us.

We Are All Spiritual Infants

He knows our strengths and weaknesses, our purest intentions, and darkest motivations. He is a Father who has a full, complete, and perfect understanding of “How” and “Why.” But, as we rely on this faith, and turn our troubles, sins, and afflictions over to our Savior, we begin discover that it’s okay not to know the answers to all of our spiritual questions or doubts, and simply trust.

10 Essentials to a Thriving Marriage When One Partner Experiences Same-Gender Attraction

For every story we hear about a marriage that ends, I have come to believe there are many more that we will never hear about that are thriving. The problem seems to be, perhaps more than anything, that those who are happily married simply blend in. If they’re doing well, they typically aren’t out talking about it, and they’re (unfortunately) not producing “It Gets Better” videos.

New Beginnings

As North Star begins a new chapter of service and support to the LDS community, we invite you to use this time as an excuse for a new beginning in your own lives. If there are areas in your lives that need improving, begin now to work on them. If wounds need to be healed and forgiveness granted or requested, take the initiative now to access the blessings of atonement in your lives. …

North Star Christmas Message

He who descended beneath every human pain and disappointment, He who was born in a simple sacred stable – is He who ransomed his life for us. He is the same to whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, that He is Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He is the One I love, the One I seek to serve, the One to whom I owe everything, the One whose birth we celebrate.

Separation = Death

When we are joined in a covenant relationship with each other, and with God, the Spirit can work within us to remove our natural disposition to do evil. In practice, this means surrounding ourselves with people who share our commitment to do good continually.

Worth and Worthiness

You are a child of God, a human being, one individual light in the universe, like a star that has as much right to be there as all the rest. In moments of weakness, remember your worth.