Joseph Stith

Joseph Stith


At the very heart of the North Star community experience is the real and intensely personal, individual story. I’m certain all of us have been moved and encouraged by reading and viewing impactful stories that helped us realize we are not alone! Can you recall how your hope and faith was touched when you saw these powerful segments for the first time? For me, not unlike you I’m sure, I binge watched all night, gladly sacrificing sleep and shedding many tears.

I’m excited to announce that we begin a new chapter here at North Star by introducing a theme each month to focus our efforts in growing together in unity and purpose. In deciding how to begin, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to introduce this new effort than with the theme #TrueToHim. Our desires to serve, and our motivation behind all that we do in building this community is centered most in our desire to be true to Jesus Christ.

#TrueToHim is more than a project. It’s the very reason we’re here. Why are you true to Him? What story deep in your heart needs to be shared with others on their journey?
What would you say of your own personal experience that may inspire another as you have been?

Want to learn more about participating? Visit for details.

2018 will be the greatest year ever for North Star International and we look forward to meeting all of you very soon – on video, in writing, and at the Conference in March! ( -> Early bird rates expire January 28!)

Happy New Year!