Joseph Stith

Joseph Stith


I began my journey just prior to the first North Star Conference in 2014. Filled with hope, I purchased 2 tickets before my wife of 30 years even knew -about …me.  I remember the overwhelming fear and anxiety replaced with deep gratitude for the people of North Star that had sacrificed so much in building this community.  A place filled with love and hope that would impact our lives as much as the Gospel of Jesus Christ itself.  North Star is truly the Gospel in action.

We know Thanksgiving and Christmas to be seasons of gratitude and giving back.  I wish everyone could see how much time and effort goes into making just one North Star event possible. Today, there are multiple exciting events now being planned or close to completion.

North Star is expanding our capacity to serve at a ridiculous pace!  A new website suite, the relaunch of Voices of Hope, new and reorganized, searchable content… and that’s just some of the efforts we’re engaged in to bless lives. The upcoming Fireside and the 2018 Conference are massive undertakings now in full swing and we’re always in need of more volunteers.

Those of you who have been blessed by North Star as we have, are likely feeling the desire to give back. Please know how very much we need you. Prayerfully consider what degree of sacrifice is appropriate given your blessings.  Giving Tuesday is one opportunity to give financially in helping us make these expansions possible. The Donor page will show you how many ways you can help us bless more lives.  At North Star, the season of giving is continuous and contagious.  May you catch the spirit of giving and be filled with gratitude all through the year.

From all of us here at North Star, we love you, we thank you, and we pray that you will always find peace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.