Journeys of Faith

The Journeys of Faith Project features the personal stories of Latter-day Saint individuals and families addressing gender identity or transgenderism who are striving to find congruence and peace within the context of faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Their stories allow each of us a glimpse into their inner experience, inviting us into a place of greater awareness and empathy for an aspect of the human experience so personal and poignant to some of our brothers and sisters. As they struggle to address a difficult and complex issue with few answers, and as we walk with them on their personal journeys, they remind us what it means to live by faith.

Amy Merkley

An Unassuming Love: Nurturing a Happy Marriage with a Transgender Spouse

Amy is a enthusiastic teacher of ancient literature and the Latin language. She has a firm love of ancient history, literature, cuddly things, and unicorns. Amy once wanted nothing more than to have a nice ordinary life with a nice white picket fence. And then she discovered Kyle, who turned out to be more beguiling than a whole blessing of unicorns. While still trying to figure out how in the world life works being married to a transgender spouse, she is happy with her sometimes confusing, always quirky, but definitely happy life. She and Kyle have now been married for five years and look forward to many more wonderful years together.

In case you missed the other half of the story, check out Kyle’s essay “Jesus Wins: Finding Faith in Ambiguity.” 


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Additional Resources

For additional resources about gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgenderism, and/or gender variance, visit our Gender Identity Resource portal.


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