Donate Today and Help North Star Fulfill Its Critical Mission

North Star provides resources and a sense of community to Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction or who identify as LGBTQ, as well as their families, friends, and Church leaders. This effort is one of the most important works of these latter days.

This year alone we have presented at more than 30 firesides, 5th Sunday lessons, and leadership training sessions throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom. We have rebuilt our website and launched a new one. We created new Facebook groups, began a Church leader outreach program, held our first Spanish-language fireside, and are building a Spanish-language website all in an effort to reach even more people. Our annual conference in March was the largest gathering to date.

North Star leadership has also been holding regular meetings with senior leaders of the Church, providing a valuable perspective and feedback on the needs of LGBTQ/SSA Saints, their families, friends and, especially, the needs of local leaders. North Star is impacting and changing the lives of thousands of Saints.

All of this work is performed entirely by a volunteer force and funded by your donations. We simply can’t do it without you. We have significant plans in the coming year, including our first-ever conference to be held in Latin America, several regional events throughout the US and UK, and training events for local leaders. But to do this, we sorely need funding.

In this season of thanks, we ask that you consider what North Star has done for you and all the work we are doing in this part of the Lord’s vineyard and donate anything you can to support our mission. Even the smallest donations make a big difference! Donations can be made here:

Thank you for all you do to support this great work.

Bennett B. Borden
President, North Star International