The Board of North Star International has accepted the resignations of Jeff Bennion, Chairman, and Pret Dalhgren, Board Member. Jeff and Pret informed the Board that they reached this conclusion that their continued participation on the Board may be a distraction to the organization’s central mission and continued growth.

In a joint statement, they said, “North Star has never advocated any specific therapy, including reparative or ‘conversion’ therapy; we feel that message will be made more clear if we no longer fill leadership roles.”

Jeff and Pret’s decision is a continued reflection of their commitment to North Star’s success. I personally want to thank them for their many contributions, which have helped create and build this organization.

Today, I am able to announce that Tera Brown has been unanimously elected as Chairman.

The Board and Greg Harris, President-elect of North Star who will assume that role in March, have asked me to express their confidence, with which I join, in our organization’s ability to continue to be a valuable resource to the LDS SSA and LGBT community going forward.

Ty Mansfield
President, North Star International
Co-Director, Voices of Hope Project