This edition of the Voices Podcast features Ty Mansfield moderating a panel discussion of participants and attendees of the recent Circling the Wagons conference in Salt Lake City. On the panel are Steven Frei, president of North Star and keynote speaker at CTW; Josh Weed, a family therapist, blogger and keynote speaker; Luis Merino, of the North Star Executive Committee and conference attendee; Tera Brown, a straight spouse who participated in a panel discussion; and Gay Mormon Pioneer (GMP), blogger, and Northern Lights contributor who attended.

After a brief introduction to the history and purpose of Circling the Wagons, the panel discusses the events leading up to the conference and the controversy surrounding North Star’s participation. In addition, each panelist gives a brief overview of their participation in the conference, including their individual role, why they accepted it and what they were able to take away.

They also touch on how their stories and addresses were received and the warm response extended to North Star’s representatives by the organizers and attendees of CTW. Other issues pertinent to those in the LDS community who relate to same-gender attraction are discussed, such as the need to create safe spaces for others and to extend unconditional love and compassion to them, whether or not their life choices involve full fellowship in the LDS church, as it pertains to the overarching goal of Circling the Wagons.

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