#TrueToHim features the personal stories and testimonies of Latter-day Saint individuals and families addressing sexual orientation or gender identity who are striving to find congruence and peace within the context of faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
There is power in stories. Each of us has a story to tell, and our experiences are often as much for others as they might be for us. Part of our mission here at North Star is to empower individuals and families who desire to live within the framework of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to share some of their journey, as well as the reasons they make the choices they do. #TrueToHim is both a window into and an invitation to join a growing chorus of voices and “cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1)—witnessing and testifying of the Savior, the power of His atonement, and of the truthfulness of His church and the prophetic guidance of those who lead it.

Share Your Journey

If you are interested in exploring possible participation in the #TrueToHim project by sharing your story via a personal essay or video, please complete the Prospective Participant Questionnaire.



“While I was watching that video, I paused it and felt the desire to say a prayer because of everything that I was seeing and hearing. I was amazed by this young man’s parents’ love and acceptance towards him — and that inspired my prayer. When I started praying, my mind went blank; I didn’t know what to say. That prayer was one of those prayers where I didn’t have to say anything; instead, I just listened to everything that Heavenly Father might say. I heard a voice telling me that Heavenly Father knew I was gay, that He loved me exactly the way I was… I am a special, brave and loved son of God….