About Chad

Chad and Leah were married in the Oquirrh Mountain temple in 2010. So far in their marriage they have been blessed to raise 2 tornados they call children. Chad finds that the best journey is the one most unexpected. During his life he has been faced with many trials. Same-sex attraction is one that he has found to be a great blessing in his life. During his journey he found his wife Leah. They are so happy together though their journey together Chad has woken up everyday thanking God for his wife. Chad is a huge fan of music, he grew up singing and dancing. He earlier this year he gave up his status as an eternal freshman and received his license to sell insurance. Despite everything he has been through in his life he has always remembered one thing, God does not make mistakes. As events in his life have happened he has learned to turn to the Lord and find the peace the Atonement brings. He know that the Church is true and that no matter what may come God will always be there for him and his children.