I am...
What we identify with most and what we see ourselves as, not only can change, but in fact— I personally believe, if it is different than what God sees us as and defines us as— it probably should change. There is a very good reason we do not redefine what God has already defined. He defines everything perfectly. As fallen and imperfect we cannot help but incorrectly define things. Indeed, we "see through the glass darkly."...  >>MORE
Fast & Temple Weekend

We invite each of you to strengthen your relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by participating in a North Star community Fast and Temple Weekend.

When: January 17-18
Where: Worldwide at your nearest Temple.
For areas where there is a strong concentration of North Star Community members, there will be organized gathering locations. Click below for more information. >>MORE INFO
On death, love, and community…
March 26, 2015— Many of you will have heard that my mom was killed in a car accident a couple of weeks ago.  The short version is that my parents were vacationing with friends in New Zealand, they came up on an intersection with questionable visibility, my dad turned, and by the time he saw the semi coming it was too late to even react.  My mom and the couple they were traveling with (The Petersons) were killed. My dad walked away with three broken ribs and s… >>MORE


North Star is a community for Latter-day Saints dealing with issues surrounding homosexual attraction who desire to live in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the values and doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The purpose of North Star is to be a spiritually uplifting resource for individuals and families dealing with this complex issue. It is also to empower individuals to help educate themselves, their family, friends, and Church leaders as they strive to become integrated more fully and lovingly into the Church... You are not alone...


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Raised in the Church, Myrna Moll says having felt the Spirit when she was young helped her return after a time of inactivity. The second of six daughters, she's thankful to parents who always gave her opportunities to work through her same-gender attraction with love and compassion. Although her dream of becoming the quarter-back for the Dallas Cowboys didn't work out, she enjoys a fulfilling life with her family and friends in Davis County, Utah.   >>WATCH

New Leadership Announced

In December 2013, North Star International announced the appointment of its fourth president. Ty Mansfield, who previoulsy served as a Vice President of North Star and was also one of its founders, was appointed unanimously by North Star's Board of Directors as its newest president. Per organizational bylaws, with the appointment of a new president, the existing Executive Committee was dissolved and a new slate of Executive Committee members was nominated by the new President and approved by the Board of Directors... >>MORE

Leading SSA Ministry Organizations for Latter-day Saints Unite Under North Star Umbrella

The Board of Directors of North Star International and Evergreen International announced at the beginning of this year that North Star International would absorb certain resources and assets of Evergreen International, and beginning January 1, 2014, those resources would operate under the name and direction of North Star International---a move that created the largest single faith-based ministry organization for Latter-day Saints who experience same-sex attraction or gender identity incongruence, also providing increased access to resources for Church leaders, parents, family and friends... >>MORE

¡Anunciamos La Nueva Comunidad North Star En Español!

Ser una comunidad Cristiana y de apoyo espiritual es de fundamental importancia en North Star. Desde hace algún tiempo, hemos tenido un grupo privado de Facebook para ayudar a aquellos en nuestra comunidad a encontrar apoyo para vivir el Evangelio de Jesucristo. Ahora, además de nuestro grupo de Facebook en Inglés, hemos puesto en marcha un grupo de Facebook para nuestra comunidad de habla hispana, y para apoyar aún más la difusión del tema entre los Santos de los Últimos Días hispanohablantes. Para unirse, las personas deben estar de acuerdo con las Reglas y obligaciones de la adhesión, que se pueden encontrar en el sitio web de North Star. ¡Esperamos contar con tu presencia!...   >>MORE

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BYU Student Christopher Dean is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Born in the LDS Church, Christopher struggled to reconcile his faith with his feelings of same-sex attraction. But after serving a mission in Milan, Italy, coming closer to God through scripture study and prayer and recognizing his need for male connection, Christopher is living a happy fulfilling life as an active member of the church. He loves music, martial arts, cooking and studying foreign languages. Christopher currently lives in Provo, Utah.   >>WATCH

kralC llehctiM

Growing up in Utah and raised a member of the LDS Church, Mitchell Clark always believed there was a God, but it wasn’t until later in his life that he gained a testimony and realized how much God truly loves him. Mitchell loves sharing the gospel with others and blogging is one of his favorite ways to do it. He enjoys spending time with friends, family and his pets. Through the Atonement, Mitchell has experienced healing and has found strength in following God’s commandments. “Life is amazing, and I owe everything I have, even my very life, to my wonderful Father in Heaven and to my Savior, Jesus Christ.”   >>WATCH

North Star President Ty Mansfield interviewed for Mormon History Guy and The Good Word podcasts

In a recent episode of the Mormon History Guy podcast, hosts Russell Stevenson and Brittney Nielson discuss the history of homosexuality in the Mormon tradition and, in the second half is an interview, interview Ty and Danielle Mansfield. They explain what love means to them and how their approach to sexuality fits within the Mormon tradition. Following their interview, Brittney reflected on her experience with the interview in a post for the Rational Faiths blog: "What is Love?: Lessons the Mansfields Taught Me." In a later interview with The Good Word, host Nick Galieti interviewd Ty about faithful Latter-day Saint perspectives on homosexuality and the role of the Voices of Hope Project, North Star International, and North Star's upcoming conference...    >>MORE

Deseret News Op-Ed Features Voices of Hope Project

An op-ed in the Deseret News features three stories in the Voices of Hope Project, Kory & Colleen Koontz, Dale & Unhui Larsen, and Jeff & Tanya Bennion: "Launched in March 2013, the goal of 'Voice(s) of Hope' is to collect the stories of 1,000 Latter-day Saint men and women who experience same-sex attraction and who affirm religious teachings on marriage and family. Without implying that all same-sex attracted men and women can or should marry someone of the opposite sex, their lives dispel the myth that same-sex marriage is the only path to being free, equal and happy. Here are three examples."...    >>MORE

Reconciling religious beliefs and same sex attraction

"The Reconciling Faith and Feelings Conference in Provo brought together members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who experience same sex attraction. It offered support as they struggle with the conflict between living the teachings of the church and their personal feelings. Blaine and Lindsay Hickman have two kids, they've been married for eight years. 'We can be happy in our situation and what we've chosen in life,' said Lindsay Hickman. What the Hickman's have chosen is to work at a happy marriage, despite Blaine's experience with same sex attraction... His desire to get married and have a family stems from his beliefs as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...   >>MORE

Against Heterosexuality: The Idea of Sexual Orientation Is Artificial and Inhibits Christian Witness

"Alasdair MacIntyre once quipped that 'facts, like telescopes and wigs for gentlemen, were a seventeenth-century invention.' Something similar can be said about sexual orientation: Heterosexuals, like typewriters and urinals (also, obviously, for gentlemen), were an invention of the 1860s. Contrary to our cultural preconceptions and the lies of what has come to be called 'orientation essentialism,' 'straight' and 'gay' are not ageless absolutes. Sexual orientation is a conceptual scheme with a history, and a dark one at that. It is a history that began far more recently than most people know, and it is one that will likely end much sooner than most people think."...   >>MORE

Jonathan Sandberg, "Healing = Courage + Action + Grace"

"I would guess there are some today who have wondered if depression or anxiety will always be a suffocating influence in their lives, while other students are going through a loss that seems both unfair and unrelenting. Others are drowning in loneliness and isolation, while still others are constantly placed on the margins, even here at BYU. Perhaps these folks look or talk or feel different from what may be considered 'the norm.' This group is broader than we may think and often includes new converts, those who experience same-gender attraction, those who are fortunate enough to have diversity in their ethnic, racial, or cultural background..., or those who do not like to sing songs about eternal and happy families because that has not been their experience. "...    >>MORE


Same-Sex Attraction discussed on KSL Radio Show

In this 2-part KSL Radio show, Christy Kane interviews faithful Latter-day Saints, including Laurie Campbell of North Star's Executive Committee and nahguaM ettolrahC—a mother of a young man who experiences same-sex attraction—as they explore the topics of love, understanding and acceptance for all, especially within religious groups and communities.  

anipsO oiluJ

Julio was born in Cali, Colombia in 1984 and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. He was born in an LDS home where He learned the church principles and doctrine in his early years of life. In 2004, he refused to attend to a disciplinary council and was excommunicated from the church at age 19. In 2013, Julio reentered the waters of baptism and has hope that, through his Savior Jesus Christ, he will be able to marry a wife in the holy temple for time and eternity...   >>WATCH

Suicide in the Gay Mormon Community

Suicide is NEVER the answer. Please be sensitive about what you say considering anything related to homosexuality. You never know who's listening. I've heard disrespectful things come from the mouths of my closest of friends and even my own family (Before I came out. They were ignorant). I know what it's like to be the butt of a bad joke. It hurts. >>MORE

aeaN auhsoJ

While growing up, applying the doctrines and principles of the gospel helped transform Joshua's perspective on same-sex attraction from a struggle to blessing, as did the love and guidance that he continually felt and received from his Heavenly father. For him, accepting it was not so much the issue, it was understanding it that weighed heavily on him. Through many of his own experiences, he came to accept that the blessings and promises given to him by a loving Heavenly Father were worth fighting for more than his understanding of such a small component of him. He discovered that with the Savior's help, he could embrace not just his SSA but other challenging experiences he would face as he entered the mission field..  >>WATCH

Uchtdorf urges questioning Mormons to return

"It is wrong to assume that Mormons who leave the faith "have been offended or lazy or sinful," a top leader told members Saturday during the LDS Church’s 183rd Semiannual General Conference. "It is not that simple," said Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the LDS Church’s governing First Presidency.">>MORE

reklaW edaW

Wade's desire for knowledge, his striving for improvement, and his love for serving others propels him towards his goals in education, family, friendship, and ultimately, enduring all his trials to the very end.  >>WATCH

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